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We believe that every business deserves the BEST location​

The Perception


Three Peaks Analytics was founded on the principle that, from a Real Estate perspective, all businesses should operate from a location that has the highest probability of success. That means the location is critical to the success of a business. If a retailer chooses the wrong location, the best one could expect is that the business will underperform, and at worst, it could fail.  Depending upon the business, the same is true to a lesser extent in the office and industrial sectors. We want to see of our clients have maximum success, and we strive to help them do that.



How We Help


At Three Peaks Analytics, we use the proven process of Site Location Analysis to analyze the demographic, zoning, physical, and economic components of a site in order to increase the probability that the site is located in the exact right spot to maximize sales.  We go from macro to micro, starting by determining the right trade area, then by focusing on the potential sites within that trade area. Whether our client is an independent business seeking a single location or a National chain seeking several locations, we provide an extremely high level of service and expertise.


Who We Are


Joe Langran, author of continuing education classes and founder of Three Peaks Analytics, has been a professional site location analysist for more than 30 years with McDonald’s, Arby’s, Econo Lube N’ Tune, and other National franchising companies.

Joseph Langran, Founder & CEO

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